Your learning journey

Designed to give you a head start in using Capture One, our learning system will guide you through the software step-by-step to help you improve your editing and speed up your workflow. Learn tips and tricks, build your confidence, and develop new skills to transform your image editing.

  • Get the basics of Capture One figured out fast with our guided tutorials designed to build essential skills.

  • Combines video and written content to inspire and engage as you learn, practice, and master competencies.

  • Track your progress with short quizzes.

  • Learn at your own pace. Stop and pick up from where you left off.

Meet your instructor

David Grover

As an experienced professional photographer, David Grover has been teaching photographers and creators how to get the most out of Capture One for the past 9 years. Teaching both online and in person around the world, David has made Capture One accessible to new and experienced users alike with his weekly webinars on all aspects of Capture One on our Youtube channel.


  • How is this different from your other tutorials?

    Instead of individual tutorials for specific tools or subjects, the courses here take you through aspects of Capture One step-by-step.

  • How long will it take?

    You can start and stop as many times as you like and pick up from where you left off. The "Getting Started" course can be completed in under an hour.

  • Do I need my own photos?

    No. Sample photos are provided so you can follow along with your instructor. However, we think it’s great if you edit your photos too so please do so, if you wish!